Beijing Lanting Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is the leader of China’s cross-border e-commerce 3.0 era. As a start-up company, the company’s vision is to help the upgraded version of Chinese made lifestyle to go to the world in the most intelligent way, so that overseas users can buy the best brand quality household life products with the most smart price.

Lanting Digital decided to launch a new e-commerce website in Australia and manage it in China. The new website had to be set up within a short period of time, and infrastructure optimization was not implemented. With only a small number of employees stationed in Beijing, there are many challenges when it comes to building a high-security and high-reliability operating system, including preparing hardware, data centers, and CDNs. For business development and uncertain market activities, a scalable infrastructure must be established.

The Panta cloud service team will assist Lanting Digital to solve the problems of migrating the independent cross-border e-commerce site to GCP, customer requirements cost, operational risk and lack of manpower. With the support of Panta for 3 months, the original Nginx parameters have been optimized and the website has been improved. The availability and flexibility of Panta help customers to build their own monitoring platform, smooth the transition stage, and gradually put major business sites on GCP, build their own brand, and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of cross-border.

Challenges faced by Panta cloud service team

  1. Help customers to quickly respond to changes in overseas and global markets, expand business rapidly, and deploy and build websites in a unified and rapid manner.
  2. Improve the flexibility and resilience of infrastructure to cope with the surging demand for online shopping during festivals.
  3. Reduce the adverse experience caused by global network access delays.
  4. Reduce IT operation and maintenance costs

Perfect fit for cross-border electrical contractor

When IT comes to the key requirements of cross-border e-commerce platforms for cloud PLATFORM IT infrastructure, Panta sees networking, storage and big data analytics as critical. Other cloud service providers cannot meet the business needs of cross-border e-commerce, while GCP can provide a set of mature and perfect solutions.

The diagram above shows the GCP-based network architecture that Panta helps customers with. It mainly uses a VPC network. The front-end CLB receives customer access traffic and the back-end database deploys Memorystore. Through the Google global backbone network, the data transmission efficiency between zones is similar to that of the local Intranet. Since Google has access to more than 90% of the local operators in Australia, the local user experience is very good.

In terms of big data analysis, Panta mainly sends click stream events to Recommendations AI through Web application to carry out personalized Recommendations, and makes real-time independent Recommendations for all behaviors based on users’ platform.

Migration effect

Before the migration to GCP, Lanting Digital used the local computer room overseas, and its overseas CDN layout was insufficient. Panta helped customers to use Cloud CDN for CDN resolution and found that it worked well with their business. Later, Panta moved its database and other services to GCP. On this basis, with the big data analysis business, more and more use of GCP services.

After optimization and configuration tuning for Magento2, the first load time of Magento2 is more than 5 times, the load time after cache is stable within 1 second, and the number of HTTP requests is reduced by 88%.

About Panta

Panta AI Limited is a top consulting partner of GCP international Cloud platform. Panta AI Limited was founded in Chengdu, China in 2014. Panta is committed to providing enterprise users with cloud-to-sea, migration deployment, and automated operations. Our mission “Cloud is the I of AI”; Our team is committed to providing developers with easy, simple, secure, efficient, one-stop ultimate cloud experience.